got you worried?


With the recent news that the old and infamous has broken ties with the US Post Office and tanked their revenue by some 80% and watched their stock drop over 50% and risked multiple lawsuits – it is no wonder everyone in the E-Commerce world is trying to figure out what is happening.

And although we don’t understand why they did what they did we do know one thing for certain….

This has no effect whatsoever on Orange Manager or any related products we have available. 

Here at Orange Marmalade, Inc. we believe this is great news for us and our customers. Now that is taking a much smaller role with the USPS, perhaps more doors will open to allow the smaller companies innovate quicker. We all know how the big loud mouth in any setting gets the most attention.

The bottom line for you – stand tight and know that you will continue to receive discounted postage as well as great service and happy dispositions!

Additionally – if you know of anyone using, send them our way. If they simply need to print postage (at a discount) – suggest they try Orange Mailer or if they need something more for their online systems, point out Orange Manager.


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