Do you ship from or sell on Amazon?


Do you sell on Amazon or perhaps use Amazon FBA? Maybe you are fortunate enough to have been approved for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime?

No matter what your interaction is with Amazon, you should be dealing with them in some way. According to research from Big Commerce some 48% of all online shopping starts at a “mass commerce marketplace” with Amazon having the largest share.

If you are trying to increase your sales – especially as we enter the “prime” shopping season, consider selling on Amazon. But when doing so – tread carefully and do your research. There are many “gotchas” in the Amazon world, but overall it is well worth it.

Research shows that there are some 5 million Amazon sellers globally, with some 2 Million in the USA alone. That may seem like a lot, but according to FeedAdvisor some 40% of all sellers generate revenue of over $250,000 a year from Amazon sales alone.

While you are researching options to grow your business this holiday season, take a look at Amazon (as well as eBay and other marketplaces) and consider using Orange Manager (or it’s little sister Orange Mailer ) to speed up order processing, simplify shipping and ease your stress levels.

Orange Manager integrates with all 13 Amazon stores (such as, and and works with Amazon FBA, Amazon MFN and Amazon SFP all at no additional charge or special setup.


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