Think Outside The Box #2

Think outside the box

Wait! How can 2 + 2 = 5? That makes no sense. Especially with Orange Manager – it is a Shipping and Order system right? 

Well… yes … and … no..

One of our users lives in Spain, but travels frequently all across Europe. When we last spoke (email), she was in Poland.

I am normally located in Madrid, Spain, but today I accessed it from Poland
I am selling on Amazon UK, ES, DE, IT, FR – this order was on UK


“Well that’s another thing We ship from Poland …”

Yup – she uses Orange Manager to get her orders from, Amazon.sp, eBay, ETSY and more all “into one place”. So no matter where she is, she can get her orders, then manage them.. ship them, deal with customers… whatever it takes.

This is thinking outside the box.

Orange Manager doesn’t just let you get your orders easier, it also helps you with your customers, your taxes, your shipping – whatever you can think of.

Orange Manger – more than shipping simplified.


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