Multi-Channel, Multi-Store. Multi…

Did you know there are 42 Million people selling things on-line? These folks sell on Amazon, eBay, ETSY and more.

Did you know there are some 22 Million E-Commerce stores to choose from? Stores hosted by Miva Merchant, Big Commerce and others.

Did you know that 49% of all shoppers start at Amazon?

Wow – it can be overwhelming. Especially that last statistic… Why bother selling anything, let alone selling anywhere but Amazon?

Don’t let the statements fool you. The reality is – the truth is in the numbers.

49% of shoppers start at Amazon… that means 51% do not. It also does not tell you how many end at Amazon. Have you ever shopped Amazon, only to make the final purchase at the sellers actual website? You are not alone.

The reality is, the on-line market is growing in part because of all the sellers and sites. Shopping online today means more than just being easier (ie., shopping while in your PJ’s). Shopping on-line means finding those odd, unusual and normally hard-to-find items as well as those things you just don’t want to run to the store for.

So how do you – the on-line seller – stand out from the crowd? How do you grow your business and get buyers to your products? 

The answer: multi-channel selling.

If you are just starting out or already established, you should be considering selling across at least three channels – Amazon, eBay and your own website. Sell some of your items on all three, but have more items available on your website.

Unlike Amazon, when a buyer buys from your website, you get the data. You get to directly communicate with the buyer, and you are not paying any additional fees.

I recall once shopping for some sound proofing for my son’s room (trying to insulate against music/drums). Like the 49% I started at Amazon and found exactly what I was looking for. The eggshell soundproofing was perfect, but – it only came in red and blue and I wanted black. So I found the seller and then found their website and guess what – the black was available, and at a lower cost. A perfect cross selling – they got my purchase and my data.

If you want your business to grow, give the potential buyer the choice of destination. And to make the e-commerce process easier and your shipping simpler – use Orange Manager.

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