Confused on what to sell?


Are you trying to figure out what you should be selling? Do you just do a mass upload, cross your fingers and hope for the best?

Its time to try something different – a new way to test your product’s potential before buying inventory or posting it to your sites.


Algopix is a unique product market research platform, focused on actionable insights. It was designed to support sourcing, sales and international expansion processes for eBay & Amazon sellers. In just a few clicks, you can gain a full understanding of your existing inventory, and decide which products you should be sourcing next.

 In a few seconds, the Algopix AI engine analyzes the demand, pricing and shipping costs of your products on 14 different eBay & Amazon markets.

 The result is a uniquely powerful decision-support tool, which can both provide granular data and simple sourcing recommendations. Moreover, it can be used to find profitable sales opportunities for your inventory in countries you haven’t considered yet while incorporating the shipping and taxes into profitability considerations.

 Stop wondering which one is the right one – get real insight before committing.

Orange Manager – More than shipping simplified, it’s E-Commerce made easier.

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