Think Outside The Box.


What can Orange Manager do for you? A case study in sales and logistics “outside the box“.

McAlister Textiles prides itself on creating beautiful finishing touches for your home that are both high quality and affordable.

In January 2018 McAlister Textiles reached out to us with a need – “Could we help them with their US sales? Of course was our reply!

It was then we found out a little more about how they – and you – can use Orange Manager to make E-Commerce easier.

McAlister is a multi-channel seller using Amazon, eBay and Shopify to facilitate USA based sales. McAlister offices are located in the UK and they manufacture in Turkey where each order is custom made and then final shipment comes out of Illinois.

McAlister had a quandary – how to streamline the interactions between multiple storefronts, multiple locations and US based final fulfillment?

Aren Gurdikyan stated: “We called all your competitors and they said it could not be done.” To which our CTO William Gilligan replied: “Why? We can do that.

Aren subscribed to our top tier subscription and after some additional customization to make the flow a little easier for them – WHALLA! Just like their products, Orange Manager presented them with a high quality affordable solution to meet all their needs.

Orange Manager is much more than shipping simplified (although that would have been enough for Aren and his team). Orange Manager actually makes e-commerce easier.

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