Feeling Fenced In? Escape the limitations.


Are you feeling fenced in by your present Order Management System? Do you feel like your limited in what you can do, and your always trying to figure out a way thru it?

Sometimes reality sucks. But nonetheless, it is reality. You keep trying to get stuff done, but find your always trying to jump thru holes in the fence they put up – well, maybe it is time for a reality check. Maybe it is time to take the plunge and simply tear down that fence.

Recently we received two different phone calls that brought this situation to light.

In the first a company was wanting to print postage in one office, and then label the packages, and send them all via courier to another office so they could be shipped. They had been checking around and at least one of our competitors told them “Nope. You can’t do that.

In another call, the person described how they process their orders for a remote warehouse. A truly long and drawn out process – with some inherent risk in losing the file they would send.

To both these calls we answered the same “Why?
And they were essentially told “Because that is how it is done.

No – that is not how it is done. At least not anymore. Unlike nearly all the other systems, Orange Manager was created by E-Commerce store owners, for E-Commerce store owners. Not just a bunch of techie folks with no real life experience using what they have made.

Orange Manager was created by store owners. We know the fences others put up. And we can help you tear them down.

Do you want to send postage in one location, then send those boxes to another – we can do that. Do you want to send your orders either by email, or directly to a remote warehouse? We can do that.

Don’t take no for an answer. Instead, dump their fence for a wide open field! Orange Manager can help you do more than get shipping done. Orange Manager can actually help make your e-commerce life easier.

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