What Is It?


Recently we have been asking ourselves this question – “What Is It?” So we set out to answer that question regarding Orange Manager. But to really shed light on what Orange Manager is, we first have to set the foundation…

What is a Shipping Solution?
If you own an e-commerce store (or thinking of starting one) then when you think of e-commerce, you likely think of shipping the orders you get. And to be honest, this really should be the first thing you start thinking about.

In general, a shipping solution is something along the lines of the FedEx or UPS software or stamps.com and others. Each of these systems allows you to enter information regarding the box size and weight as well as ship to and from information in addition to some general product info. In the end, what you get is the ability to print a label that has postage assigned to it which in turn enables you to ship it.

What is an Order Manager?
As your store sales increase (or your sales channels), you begin to wonder if there is an easier way to keep track of all your orders. Something that would make life easier when doing customs, multiple boxes per order, looking up and tracking past orders, and maybe inventory help as well.

The main underlying difference between a shipping system and an Order Manager (OMS) is that the OMS connects to your sales channels to import data regarding your orders. An Order Manager will then let you ship the order and track the information related to that order. Another difference is that these systems are normally networked in some fashion (unlike a standalone self contained system shipping system).

What is E-Commerce Management?
Generally speaking, E-Commerce Management entails the managing of all aspects of your e-commerce business.

When looking at an e-commerce business model you have to conside some or all of the following:

  • Taxes. Who do you pay them to, when do you pay them and do you need to pay them.
  • Sales channels. Basically, the more the merrier, but also the harder to oversee.
  • Marketing. Adwords, Social Media, Blogs and more.
  • Customer Service (existing). When a customer contacts you regarding an existing order do you have the info handy?
  • Customer Service (potential). When a person contacts you regarding a potential purchase or in response to your marketing, can you track that person for future reference?
  • Shipping. Can you integrate it, and can you shop around for the best rates or services?
  • Will you have employees or others (family members) helping you? How will they access the needed info without changing something they shouldn’t.
  • Refunds. It is assumed you can charge for the order, but how to handle refunds?
  • Supplies. Where will you get boxes, labels, stamps, etc?
  • The cost of doing all these things
  • And more…

Each of the above issues may not need to be addressed right away. Some can wait (such as multiple sales channels), while others you need to at least be thinking about (taxes and employees) even if you don’t have to deal with them yet.

What is an E-Commerce Order Management System?
That is easy to answer! Orange Manager® is an E-Commerce Order Management System (also known as an E-Commerce Order Manager, or EMS).

Orange Manager connects to your sales channels, imports your orders, streamlines the shipping process and helps you do more all while saving you time and energy.

If you find you need something like TaxJar that tracks your sales and can even file your state sales taxes automatically, Orange Manager can connect to them. However, if your still growing and only need a basic report to tell you what tax to pay, Orange Manager includes that.

Perhaps your looking to do more than use just USPS, but would also like to check rates across multiple shippers, and maybe add in a shipper for Canada or New Zealand. Orange Manager will let you do that by integrating any (or all) of our 4 options (including Shippo) which means no monthly fees, only charges for when you actually print a label!

How about customer service? Do you have a way to see all interactions with a customer and their order? With Orange Manager you do.

The list of available options is continually growing as we are working daily to make Orange Manager the hands-down best of breed for E-Commerce Management. In fact, we are not aware of any product that does what we do…

Orange Manager. More than shipping simplified, it’s E-Commerce made easier. Try it free for 30 days.

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