The First Law of E-Commerce…


Ok, so I get it – a lot of people will argue with us. Thats ok, it doesn’t change what we think. Some people will tell you that the very first thing you need to worry about with e-commerce is getting the order. But we are here to say that is wrong!

The first “law” of e-commerce is not to get the order, it’s to ship the order.

You see, everything your doing – from building the cart, to planning your marketing, to setting up your office is geared towards getting an order. Yes, getting an order is a requirement – but its not a law.

A law indicates its something you simply have to do, whereas a requirement is more of a hope. If you don’t meet the requirement, not a lot will happen. But if you break a law, well, then the poop hits the fan.

The reality is… you have to get orders, but if you fail to ship them, or ship them badly your business will fail no matter how many orders you have.


And that is why we’re announcing today that _all_ new free accounts receive a free Shippo account.

Shippo allows you to print labels for USPS, FedEx, UPS and more for just 5 cents a label plus actual postage cost. 

Without a shipping label provider, your sunk no matter how many orders you have.

We’re happy to be partnering with Shippo to offer you this service. And if you’d rather choose your own provider, we offer 3 additional options that are available on our paid accounts.

Orange Manager: More than shipping simplified, it’s e-commerce made easier.

2 thoughts on “The First Law of E-Commerce…

  1. Would this article be skewed by the fact that you are flogging shipping services by any chance. The first rule of e-commerce, if you must know, is getting people to your site. If you can’t do that you don’t get the order and if you don’t get the order you are clearly not shipping.
    If you have ever run an internet business you would realise that shipping the order ranks pretty low with respect to getting people to your site and converting the visit to a sale.


    • Hi,
      I appreciate your take on things. My position is that the first rule of _commerce_ is to get the sale. Whether you make pizza or sell widgets, you need sales. But, with e-commerce, you must fulfill the order by shipping it. Thats why we call it a “law”. If you don’t get orders, no need to ship – but if you do, you must ship them.

      We have sold online ( and taken that experience and used it to develop our software. So we disagree – shipping the orders you get is the single most important thing you must do. It is already assumed you will get orders – and that takes work, and SEO, etc etc – but ALL business must do that. E-commerce must ship them. If they don’t get shipped – it does not matter how many orders you have – your business is done.


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