Shipping Simplified… getting there


Simplified Shipping – how to set it up.

We know that all you want is to get the setup done so you can get shipping done. Hopefully this will help you.

First – you have to navigate over to the Administration section of your manager, and then under Administration heading, complete all the information there. This insures that all the base info needed is done.

Second – head over to Fulfillment Centers.
Here it might get confusing, but trust me – once it’s done, you’ll be very happy!

Step 1 – make sure you have created an account at your chosen postage provider. You need at least one, but can use up to three (3) at a time.

Step 2 – choose your desired warehouse (ie., “Local Warehouse 1”).

Step 3 – click View / Hide Details and then enter in all the info requested. For your specific provider, instructions are listed in the top section.

It is very important that all info on this section be completed, as your provider will use this information to get your rates. You can have multiple warehouses (which could be the same – but with different shippers). You are not required to set up default box sizes, although doing so will speed up your shipping process. Remember – this info is not company wide, but rather – location specific.

Step 4 – update your location information.

You now have simplified shipping!
To ship an order, simply go to the order, click the location button (the Location Nic Name you entered in step 3) and bam – your on your way!

Happy Shipping!


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