Meet Our CDT


It’s what we do – connect.

You connect with your customers. We connect with your shopping cart(s). And today we made available our latest connection – ShopSite.

As of today Orange Manager will pull in your orders from some 17 different shopping carts (not to mention the Amazon and eBay countries).

If we are not yet connecting to something your wanting – drop us a note. We are always on the lookout for enhancements.

Tax Reporting

Are You Ready for Tday?

It is that time of year. The season where it seems that everyone is busy busy busy… decorating, cooking, planning. Everyone has something on their “to do” list.

Thankfully, Orange Manager can help make your life a little easier by giving you back something you never have enough of – time.

By following the “First Rule of E-Commerce*“,  Orange Manager can help you have a little more time so you can spend that doing the other things you need to do

So while everyone is out shopping, you won’t be tied down doing the shipping – or taxes… or customer service. Instead, you’ll be heading over the river and thru the woods to … that happy place!

*The first rule of E-Commerce (after getting an order) is – get the orders out the door.

The Team…

Today I’d like to introduce you to our two cutest team members – Lady and Alfie.

Lady (15+) and Alfie (3+) both joined our team after a short stint in their local Humane Society. Although they arrived at different times, it seems they both held the same job (in different locations). I am fairly certain their job title was something along the lines of “Vice President of We want to go home with them”.

These days they serve as the “Chief Distraction Team” (CDT). They help make sure we take breaks and give hugs. Their salary is reasonable too – all they asked was that we keep them warm and fed. Who says good help is hard to come by!

Although they are a co-equal team, Lady seems to be in charge most of the time. Alfie may take the lead on some projects, but he always stands aside when Lady speaks up. Although, I will say – Alfie can get anything he wants with those eyes (I am hoping he never figures that out).

Until next time – enjoy life!

Orange Manager – built by e-commerce store owners for e-commerce store owners.


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