Shipping Simplified?

What is “Shipping Simplified?”

As E-Commerce store owners, we were always trying to find a better way to handle our orders. We tried numerous shipping solutions – including order managers. They all fell short.

The shortcomings were varied depending on the software, but we noticed two things they all had in common:

  1.  It was assumed that orders would first be sorted, and then shipped.
  2.  Reviewing postage (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) rates required multiple clicks.

When we started creating Orange Manager, we set out to simplify this. And we did!

Orange Manager firstly assumes that _all_ orders will be shipped. So rather than sending orders to shipping, we assume every order will be shipped – and you decide if its not going to be. Its a simple change, but its actually how your shipping process works. Whether you have one person doing things, or 3 shippers doing them – when that person logs in, thats what they see – orders to be shipped.

We understand this may require a change in how you have been taught it should be done, but you’ll quickly find that this is a smoother and simpler process.

Secondly, Orange Manager changed the way rates are reviewed. With every system we tried, a box would open up and the rates would be there – kinda. In some, a series of tabs were presented, each representing a different carrier and each requiring a click to see the other rates. Then a click back to compare, and on and on. In others, we had to close the pop up and then click somewhere to get a new pop up, and on and on.

So, we changed that as well. With Orange Manager, you set up your shipping integration and tell it what rates to display (ie., FedEx, USPS, DHL). Then, when you click to view the rates inside Orange Manager – bamo! There they are. Right in front of you – all the rates. Simply scan up and down – see the lowest rate, or the fastest service, or the easiest to use, and simply select it.

What is “Simplified Shipping?” Shipping the way you would use it.

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