Getting Started

Welcome to Orange Manager!
Your about to realize the E-Commerce store owners best dream – a simple, straight forward system for managing your orders.

STEP 1 – Create your first store or channel connection.

  • Visit the “Stores & Channels” drop down from the top menu.
  • Select the store type you are operating, and enter the needed information. Please not that some of this information may need to come from your hosting company or developer, and may also require an additional database user be made available.  This user needs only to have “Read only” access.

STEP 2 – Once you complete step 1,

  • Visit the “Administration” drop down from the top menu.
  • Under Administration, select “View / Update Company Details”.
  • Enter all information to help integrate all parts of our system. You don’t want to miss out on anything!

STEP 3 – Next, visit the “Fulfillment Centers” dropdown from the top menu.

  • Select “Local Warehouse 1” or “Amazon FBA” depending on your needs.

STEP 4 – Visit and set up a new account.

  • Be sure to set up your label size, and enter any shipping accounts you may already have.
  • Visit the “api” tab of GoShippo (you will need this info)

STEP 5 – Return to the FulFillment Centers section of Orange Manager

  • Enter your “GoShippo Live API Token”
  • Enter you “Default Shipping Method” (optional)
  • Enter a Nic Name for your warehouse
  • Enter the SHIP FROM address for your warehouse.

Once completed, you are now able to get your orders from the Order Management drop down area, and ship them!

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