Zen Cart and ShipEngine Integration


Choices, choices, choices…

Our newest Shopping Cart integration does just one thing – gives you even more choices!

And isn’t that how life should be? Your choice – dark chocolate or white chocolate or milk chocolate. You decide.

Orange Manager now integrates with Zen Cart (the art of e-commerce). And, like the art of chocolate, any cart you choose still tastes good, but this one might be your preference.

Check out all our integrations at Orange Manager

Tax Reporting

Ship that order!

Yes, we know, we ALREADY offer more options for shipping than anyone else. But we just can’t help ourselves…

Orange Manager now offers ShipEngine. Your fourth shipping option.

ShipEngine is a little more confusing than other systems, but it also comes with a FREE stamps.com account. So if you like stamps.com but don’t like paying the $15 a month, now you don’t have to.

Want to know more? Check out our shipping integrations page.

One last thing…

Don’t be lost in the darkness… reach out!

If you ever feel lost, alone, or simply frustrated or confused – please drop us a note. We realize that selling on-line can sometimes be BORING and other times super stressful. We don’t want you feeling that way about Orange Manager.

We are here to simplify shipping and make E-Commerce easier. So if we can help you, or if you have any suggestions, please drop an email to admin at orangemanager.com

And happy sales.

Orange Manager – built by e-commerce store owners for e-commerce store owners.


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