How To View Your Orders


The Little Things…

A wise person once said “Let me decide my own fate”.
Actually – I don’t know who said it, but it is wise.

So, with that in mind – today we made a small “tweak” that allows you to decide how you want to see your orders when you first login.

Do you want the default “Order View”, where you see all your orders, and all the details, on one page? Or would you rather see a simple list with only pertinent information displayed – allowing you to quickly scan your orders?

Now you get to decide. Simply visit the “Administration” page and under “View / Update Company Details” you will see a drop down “Default Order Display“. Select your choice and let the owl give a hoot!

Tax Reporting

Did you know?

Have you ever asked yourself why certain things are the way they are? Why do Bighorn sheep have big horns? Why do owls give a hoot? And why does Orange Manager show me orders when I login?

I really can’t answer the first two questions, but I can answer the most pressing one – why do we show you the orders first?

Its easy really…. and logical too!
We are store owners ourselves, and in all the years we have been doing this there was one thing we always did first – before anything else… and I’ll bet you do too.

Ship orders.

The first rule of E-Commerce (after getting an order) is – get the orders out the door.
So why would “shipping” software force you to send your orders to shipping, so they can ship them? I mean, it just makes sense that nearly all the orders you get, you are going to ship them right away – so why not show the orders first, and then – if needed – you can optionally move them to another folder.

So there you have it – deep insight into why we do what we do.
It just makes sense.

FYI: More information on Big Horn Sheep

Are you ready?

Whatever your faith, the fact is that a ton of sales happen over the Holiday season. Whether its for Santa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Festivus, sales will pick up and you should start preparing now.

We can’t really help with your advertising, or your gift wrapping, or making sure your employees all come to work on time, but we can help your logistics.

First – you need Orange Manager so you can handle all your orders from all your locations in one simple to use interface.

Second – you need Orange Manager so you can deal with the returns that willcome. We all hate them, but you need to deal with them. And Orange Manager can help. With an easy to use search, and the ability to note an order, and if needed, do a refund – tis the season to be jolly!

Third – well its kinda a drag, but you can use Orange Manager from your new iPad, Chromebook, PC, Mac or cellphone. And you can do it from practically anywhere! Imagine sitting around the fire, singing songs, roasting chestnuts, and checking orders. Well, maybe you shouldn’t imagine that last part 😉

Orange Manager – built by e-commerce store owners for e-commerce store owners.


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